Masikhule seeks to improve Early Childhood Development in marginalised communities.



In 2015, Masikhule developed an initiative to screen/assess 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 years olds at Masikhule-mentored ECD centres on an annual basis. The main objectives were to assess the children’s general development (physical, fine and gross motor, perceptual, school readiness, early literacy and numeracy, etc) and with this information, to report to the educators and principals on the findings; to inform parents on how they can encourage developmental skills and for Masikhule to adapt and improve its training, mentorship and in-service training program according to these results. The purpose being to ensure these disadvantaged children enter formal schooling being more school-ready in all vital areas of development.

From these initial findings, Masikhule has developed and is implementing a project to offer Teaching Enrichment Workshops throughout the year for pre-school educators and principals to highlight the challenges the children are facing (based on the assessment results); how they can be assessed in the class; why these skills are important for learning and how teaching can be adapted and enhanced to minimise these problem areas.

Ten Teaching Enrichment Workshops (TEWs) are presented annually to senior educators, addressing developmental delays identified during this screening.

These TEWs include teaching resources, and educational material is made accessible through the ECD Resource Library.

Young children from marginalised communities, including informal settlements, attending ECD centres are at risk of not reaching their physical, mental, social and learning potential due to a number of factors. The most important being the dire physical and socio-economic environment in which they live, poor nutrition and attending crèches that are mostly under-staffed, unregistered, under-resourced, over-crowded and staffed by untrained women. Over the past 15 years, Masikhule has put measures in place to address these concerns, and the Teaching Enrichment Workshops should further enhance their impact on ECD, empowerment and employment in the marginalised areas surrounding the Helderberg. For more information please contact info@masikhule.org

Masikhule makes a positive contribution to the upliftment of communities through skills training, mentorship and capacity building in the field of Early Childhood Development.

The name Masikhule means
‘Let us Grow’ in isiXhosa.
NPO no: 050-955 | PBO no: 930025514

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