Team work makes the dream work –
thank you to all those who support us, encourage us, get us up and on the road, and who are prepping us to smash this marathon!

Africa is our home. This is our race. It’s Cape Town – must run it!
Date: 15th September 2019


Entries are OPEN for Cape Town Marathon. All you need to do is:
1) Visit the official fundraising event page (link below), click on START FUNDRAISING, select Masikhule Childcare (they are listed in alphabetical order), complete the steps and go LIVE!

2) Then share it with your network of friends and family and appeal for donations (they suggest you make the first donation yourself to get the ball rolling. You can send your link to us to share here too!



Masikhule’s mission is to ensure that all children living in marginalised communities of the Helderberg and surrounding rural areas attend Early Childhood Development Facilities that are registered and provide a holistic child development and stimulation program, so that these children may enter formal schooling with a good foundation of knowledge, maturity and independence.

The three main functions of Masikhule are:

to provide training in Early Childhood Development for pre-school and crèche staff, primary caregivers (including mothers) and unemployed women;

to develop, support and mentor pre-schools and crèches;

to provide unemployed women with the opportunity to gain practical skills in Early Childhood Development and stimulation. This makes it possible for them to find employment as domestic workers looking after their employer’s young children in the home, as well as at existing ECD centres.


For more information contact Sandy Immelman at

Masikhule makes a positive contribution to the upliftment of communities through skills training, mentorship and capacity building in the field of Early Childhood Development.

The name Masikhule means
‘Let us Grow’ in isiXhosa.
NPO no: 050-955 | PBO no: 930025514

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