Read how Cassie Viljoen and the Somerset College Social Responsibility Team are quietly, but determinedly making a difference in our community. I am responsible for Somerset College’s Social Responsibility programme, and we try hard to be involved in our community in every way we can. On Monday afternoons, a group of 10 Somerset College high school students make their way to Wendy’s Daycare Centre in Firgrove to spend time with the children there. Each week we try out new games and activities with the children – from cookie decorating, to puzzles, to drawing and painting, and playing on the jungle gym.  We have been doing this for well over a year now, and it is a highlight of our week – especially those of us in Matric who have to spend the rest of our week studying! Wendy’s Daycare, mentored by Masikhule, is an extremely well run centre with very happy, stimulated children who love being there. They teach us a lot, and we probably have even more fun than they do! Our other projects include: Sandwich spread on Tuesdays and Thursdays; bags of cut vegetables for the Nightshelter on Tuesday afternoons and learning maths together with students from Macassar on a Wednesday. All in all, our goal is to both reach out to other communities in the Helderberg, in a way where we can share our good fortune while also learning from them. These interactions, we think, provide us with far more enrichment than we give to others. Thank you Cassie and your extraordinary Social Responsibility Team for making a difference in our community.

Léanne Keet


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