“The Principal Meeting is held annually for general information sharing for the year – establishing and maintaining our ongoing relationship with the Principals of the Early Learning Centres we work with and mentor” said Léanne Keet, who founded  Masikhule in 2005.

The Early Learning Centres that Masikhule mentors educate and nurture nearly 2 000 children from 0 – 6 years per annum in marginalised communities from Macassar through to Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. The women who run them have attended many of the Masikhule training courses, as have their staff, and they have been mentored by Masikhule over the years – striving towards being centres of excellence and registration with the Department of Social Development.

This year Masikhule is offering the following ECD Training for women from impoverished communities: – First 1000 Days (from conception to birth) – Basic ECD Training (for unemployed women and carers in créches) – Basic Teacher Training (for teachers in Early Learning Centres) – Advanced Teacher Training (for teachers who want to continue training) – Teacher Enrichment Workshops (for senior teachers and Principals) – Best Nutrition Workshop (for cooks in these centres) – ECD Business Management (for Principals) Please see details about these courses and the 2018 schedule here: https://masikhule.org/training-courses/ 

Masikhule also facilitates training through other organisations, such as First Aid Training, Computer Skills and Playsa.org. If you would like to find out more about Masikhule, or to contribute towards their costs for training and mentoring, please email Léanne Keet on lee@masikhule.org.